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Troy Reichert

Troy Reichert

Troy Reichert is the owner of Reichert Mortgage LLC. With over 20 years of serving the United States Airforce, Troy wants to continue to give back to the community by helping give people their best chance at securing a home.

The Reichert Mortgage Team is a veteran-founded Colorado Springs mortgage broker and we understand the dedication it takes to serve the community. As a VA loan provider, we have the privilege of working in the diverse Southern Colorado area. We are constantly admiring the exceptional professionals that contribute to what makes El Paso County a great place to live. 

Each day countless health care workers, firefighters, educators, police officers, veterans, EMTs, and military personnel go to work to improve the world. They may not wear a cape or mask, but they don scrubs or uniforms instead. These individuals are the heroes among us. Every day they go unrecognized for their service in difficult occupations. The Reichert Mortgage Team wants to showcase these often overlooked individuals. 

What is “Heroes in The Community”?

Important occupations like teachers, EMTs, and military personnel dedicate so much of themselves to helping those around them. Their passion is truly amazing but they rarely receive the recognition they deserve. The Reichert Mortgage Team created this “Heroes in the Community” blog series and our Pikes Peak Heroes Program to give back to these wonderful people.

For this blog series, we highlight a nominated individual who has gone above and beyond for their community. Every single nomination we receive is submitted by members of the community like YOU. If there is a teacher in your life who has made a difference, we want to hear about them! Send your nominations to us today. We are honored to share these exceptional stories with you.

Building a Foundation Through Education

Teachers educate future generations and change lives. They are the heroes that help our children grow up to be the best that they can be. Adapting to the daily challenges and accepting them full-heartedly is part of their job description. Educators impact all of our lives, and an influential one can positively change the course of a student’s life. Everyone has had at least one teacher that they still admire.   

Nominate an Educator

Teachers put their students first. If you know any teachers that have made a difference in you or your children’s lives, nominate them today! Every single person who is nominated has the chance to be our hero of the month! The selected winner will get to tell their story right here on The Reichert Mortgage Team blog! In addition to this feature, they will also receive $100 to put towards a charity of their choice. 

Click Here to Nominate!

Thank You” to the Amazing Educators in our Community!

Academy School District 20

Colorado Springs School District 

Ellicott 22

Hanover 28

Manitou Springs School District

Widefield School District

Calhan School District

Edison 54 JT

Falcon School District

Harrison School District

Miami-Yoder Joint School District 60

Cheyenne Mountain School District

Elbert 200

Fountain School District

Lewis-Palmer School District

Peyton School District

Catamount Institute

University of Colorado Colorado Springs

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