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Troy Reichert is the owner of Reichert Mortgage LLC. With over 20 years of serving the United States Airforce, Troy wants to continue to give back to the community by helping give people their best chance at securing a home.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their EMT hero to our Heroes in the Community Program! It was such an honor reading through all the incredible nominations that we received at The Reichert Mortgage Team. The passion that this community has for our EMTs is truly inspiring, and we are proud to be able to shine a spotlight on those who have truly dedicated their lives to the safety and wellbeing of Colorado Springs.

As part of our Heroes in the Community Series, we aim to showcase these very heroes that walk among us in Colorado Springs, by sharing resources, stories, and ways to say “Thank You”, to firefighters, law enforcement, teachers, active and veteran military, and, today, emergency medical professionals. As a veteran-owned and operated Colorado Springs mortgage broker, it is an honor to acknowledge those who have given their all for our country, our communities, and our neighbors.

We are proud to announce our February Heroes in the Community nominee winner and interviewee, Roseana Snow!

Interview With Our Winner: Roseana Snow

“I can tell that Roseana loves what she does and wouldn’t change it for anything.”

Rosana’s EMT Journey

Roseana has been an EMT for 11 years – seven years in New Mexico, urgent care for a year, and since then, she has been at the Pueblo Depot. Roseana knew a career in emergency medical services was for her after she took a class and fell in love. “I think this profession chose me,” she stated.

What Roseana Loves Most About Being an EMT

Roseana loves that every day on the job is different. With that, Rosana loves being able to care for people during some of their hardest times and says being able to bring comfort during those times is incredibly humbling. One of the most rewarding parts of her job is being able to go home knowing that she helped someone, even if it’s one person. And sometimes, the way she helps may be as simple as listening, but it’s incredibly heartening to know that someone’s day was a little bit better because of it.

Challenges Roseana Faces

As an EMT, Roseana faces challenges throughout her work. One of the challenges she is facing is trying to find where her satisfaction comes from. She says that while she is currently serving at the Pueblo Depot, training and other aspects of her job are getting more difficult because the depot is working to get rid of the stockpile of mustard gas from WWI. With this going on, Roseana has been responding to fewer calls, but she says she likes the “boring” because it means nothing bad has happened.

Getting to Know Roseana

Roseana has two teenage boys that keep her busy (and out of food, as they are constantly eating). With her schedule, it can be hard sometimes to find a proper work-life balance, but in her free time, she and her family like to hike and play video games. Roseana and her family are still new to Colorado, so they love to explore and see what the state has to offer. She says they love living here and can’t wait to go to lakes as the weather gets warmer.

What Can the Community Do to Support Roseana and Local EMTs?

Right now, we can help the local EMTs by showing our appreciation and recognizing their efforts and sacrifices. A lot of things keep our EMTs busy, so expressing our appreciation is a great way to make Roseana and her colleagues feel loved. It can be something as simple as saying “hi” or “thank you” when you see us around the community. Working as an EMT is full of sacrifice and can be draining at times, so noticing their hard work and dedication helps them know the long hours aren’t all in vain.

What Charity Does Roseana Want to Donate To?

The charity she would love to donate to is TESSA. TESSA works to provide safety for victims escaping abuse. They offer a safehouse, work to empower survivors with advocacy programs and counseling, and create a safer future through education and outreach. This charity is very near and dear to Roseana’s heart. She says now, especially with everyone being home, domestic violence is on the rise, so helping is more important than ever.

Do You Have a Hero in Your Life That You’d Like to Nominate?

Is there a hero in your life that you’d like to recognize? Do they consistently give back to friends, family, and even strangers within their everyday lives and professional career? At The Reichert Mortgage Team, we want to hear their stories, share their mission, and find ways to express our gratitude towards their sacrifice!

That’s why we created the Pikes Peak Heroes program and our Heroes in the Community series–to say thank you to our military, teachers, healthcare providers, first responders, and law enforcement. We are accepting nominations for the hero in your life, and will select a winner each month to feature an interview like this one, and donate $100 to a charity of their choice!

Thank you again to all those who submitted and honored their heroes! Each and every one of you and your nominees deserves a heartfelt “Thank You” from us at The Reichert Mortgage Team, and from our communities. We look forward to honoring more heroes with this blog series.

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