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Coloradans are grateful for the hard work and dedication that is required by farmers and ranchers across Colorado that farm over 31 million acres of land daily. El Paso county ranks 18th in the state for overall acres for sale, so it’s more important than ever to invest in your future with a farm or ranch loan. 

Acquiring an agricultural loan can feel like an overwhelming task on top of already stressful day-to-day operations. Fortunately, there are many flexible financing options that are designed to fit the needs of your operation so that you can plan for a successful, long-term future. Whether you want to acquire more land in Colorado Springs, Peyton, Falcon, or the rest of El Paso County, purchase updated equipment, or refinance your existing farm and ranch loans, then there are plenty of options. As local mortgage broker, the The Reichert Mortgage Team understands the unique needs of purchasing land in Colorado. Give us a call today to discuss your options. 

What An Agricultural Loan Can Help With:

  • Purchase of farm and ranch property

  • Refinance existing farm and ranch loans

  • Farm and ranch improvement projects

  • Irrigation systems

  • Facility construction

  • Future Planning 

  • Paying Down Debt

Eligibility Requirements

  • Legal ability to accept responsibility for the loan obligation
  • Minimum credit score 660; exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis 
  • Must be a US citizen, permanent resident alien, or US based entity
  • Must be a farm and agriculture property owner, investor or farmer 
  • Must be prepared to present the following:
    • Collateral 
    • Personal and Business Tax Returns 
    • Personal and Business Balance Sheets 
    • Profit and Loss Statement 

Eligible Property Types

Eastern Colorado provides a great real estate landscape for farm and ranch properties. Given that this loan type is an agriculture based loan, it only applies to certain property types:

  • Row crops 
  • Grains and forage 
  • Citrus groves and vineyards 
  • Sugarcane land 
  • Vegetable farms 
  • Improved pasture 
  • Working cattle ranches and dairies


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The Reichert Mortgage Teams Mortgage Calculators

Farm and Ranch loans are an excellent option for homebuyers looking to purchase a beautiful home and piece of land to farm in Colorado. If you are interested in learning about your payment, qualification, or even early pay off check out our mortgage calculators. 


How Can The Reichert Mortgage Team Help?

As a mortgage broker, our team at Reichert Mortgage is proud to support rural communities throughout Colorado. Our core values are integrity, service, and community which align perfectly with the guiding principles followed by the hard working agricultural community. We will sit down with you and discuss your operation so that we may truly understand what is important to you and your long-term goals. With a greater understanding of your specialized needs, we can work together to form a finance solution that aims to simplify the loan process for you so that you can focus on building a successful operation for generations to come.

As a farmer in Colorado, you have likely experienced the stress that comes with a changing market, unpredictable Colorado weather, and changes in technology. We aim to provide you with a consistent, reliable service that lessens some of the stress agriculture can bring. Contact us today to get started on your journey to a more stable financial future for your farm. 

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