Giving Back To The Heroes of Our Community

One of our top priorities as a mortgage broker in Colorado Springs is to give back to our community, which is why we began an exclusive program that allows us to do that every single day! The Reichert Mortgage Team is proud to offer home loan benefits to the heroes of our community through our very own program, Pikes Peak Heroes. As a veteran owned company, we are dedicated to giving back to the service members of our country when it comes to home ownership.

Whether you are purchasing, or refinancing your home, there are huge savings available if you qualify for our program, including an exclusive offer to pay for your appraisal fee as a “Thank You” for your service! This can be up to a $750 value! To find out if you qualify, contact us today!

What Is The Pikes Peak Heroes Program?

Pikes Peak Heroes is an exclusive program developed by The Reichert Mortgage Team to offer home loan savings and benefits to the heroes in our community. As a veteran owned mortgage broker, I specialize in VA loans to help veterans save and receive benefits when they get a mortgage or refinance their home. After spending many years as a specialist within the VA program, I wanted to give back more, extending benefits and savings to other members of our community. Now, Pikes Peak Heroes helps qualifying heroes save on home loans.

What Are The Benefits Of Pikes Peak Heroes?

The benefits available will be different dependent on your unique situation, an example being the home loan program that you have selected. Often, the benefits will include discounts or fee coverage. On average, we save service members over $1,500 when they purchase homes! There is no expiration on these benefits either, so you can be purchasing your third home, or be a first-time home buyer, and you can still qualify for these savings opportunities.


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When you work with us at The Reichert Mortgage Team, we cover your appraisal fee—up to a $750 value—on top of all the other benefits that Pikes Peak Heroes provides! If you aren’t sure what type of loan program is right for you, what you qualify for, or what benefits we can offer you, contact us! We can answer any questions that you might have.

Who Qualifies For Pikes Peak Heroes?

Our Pikes Peak Heroes program is not just for military, but for all service members who give to our country. Active military, veterans, reservists, firefighters, law enforcement, healthcare workers, EMS workers, and teachers are all eligible.

You might be asking at this point, “What’s the catch?” That’s what is so great about this program. There is no catch. No hidden fees. No fine print. This program is here to simplify the home ownership process and give back to those who have done the same for our communities. Qualifying is the only step to receiving these benefits, and we can help you do that at The Reichert Mortgage Team.


Nothing gives us more joy than spreading a sense of community. Every month, we take time to highlight a Hero in our Community, including healthcare, law-enforcement, veterans, educators, first responders, and more. We discuss the local events going on to honor those heroes, as well as ways that people can give back and say “Thanks.” We are proud to call Colorado Springs our home, and this series is one of the many ways we can give back to the incredible community of El Paso County.

About The Reichert Mortgage Team

We are proud to be one of the top mortgage brokers located right here in Colorado Springs. The Reichert Mortgage Team, LLC specializes in residential home loans, VA loans,  and refinancing opportunities for Colorado Springs, Peyton, Falcon, and the rest of El Paso County. We are dedicated to giving you the best options possible when it comes to purchasing a home, which is why we offer several different assistance programs and credit counseling services! You’ll be able to find everything you need, all with a mortgage company that you can trust.

However, we are so much more than just a home loan company—we are veterans; we are parents; we are friends, and so much more! We all love and live in this area, and we love getting to know everyone that we work with. That’s what makes us different here. With us, you won’t be calling an 800 number, or reaching out to an automated email system. Instead, you’ll get our team of highly qualified and professional mortgage brokers ready to help you find the best home loan for you and your family.

How Can The Reichert Mortgage Team Help?

As an experienced mortgage company in Colorado Springs, it is our true passion to connect with current and prospective home owners to connect unique needs with the best possible rates available. Our vast experience with various home loan programs allow us to find the proper situation for every individual need all while providing guidance, kindness, and expertise.

If you’re interested in our Pikes Peak Heroes program or a VA Home Loan in Colorado, contact us. We can help determine if you qualify for the program, and what kind of benefits that we can offer you as a mortgage broker within this program. We offer savings for home loans, as well as mortgage re-financing. Contact us today to see if you qualify!

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