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As a mortgage broker in Colorado Springs, we want to provide you with all of the resources possible. Utilize our free mortgage calculators to determine things like monthly payments, refinancing, early pay-offs, and even answer the question of, “How much home can I afford?” Keep in mind that these calculators are not definite estimates, and that you should always consult a home loan expert like The Reichert Mortgage Team when you’re ready to apply.*


What would your monthly payment be for a mortgage? Try our simple and advanced mortgage payment calculator to get an idea for what you might pay based on loan terms, interest rates, down payment, and more.


Use our free calculator to get an idea on what your monthly payment would be if you refinanced. You can even estimate what your savings would be on your interest, and net savings after closing costs.


When weighing the benefits between renting vs buying, there are a lot of factors consider. Our free calculator can help you see the differences side-by-side after accounting for monthly payments, taxes, insurance, etc.


You may be asking yourself throughout the process, “How much home can I afford?” While mortgages are determined by many complex factors, you can get an estimate for a mortgage amount.


To dive deeper into what it would take to get qualified for a mortgage, try this free calculator. Plug in things like purchase price, down payment, and income information to see an estimate for what you can qualify for. 


Becoming a home owner means that you are able to deduct new items on your tax return. Utilizing our free calculator, get an idea for what you might save by purchasing a home. 


Planning on paying off your mortgage before your term is up? Plug in your desired time-frame for paying off your home loan, and see what you need to do to accomplish that goal.

Disclaimer: Results received from this calculator are designed for comparative purposes only. Every home loan is different, and many factors influence the final numbers for a home loan. Please contact a mortgage professional like The Reichert Mortgage Team for exact payment figures. We are not responsible for any typographical errors, omissions or mistakes. Not every applicant qualifies nor is every program available for each unique borrower.

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As an experienced mortgage broker in Colorado Springs, it is our true passion to provide everyone with the necessary mortgage resources needed to obtain a home loan. Whether you are first time home buyers or have outgrown your current space, it is our goal to provide you with accurate tools and information that you need. At The Reichert Mortgage Team, we use many of these tools daily to assist in the home loan process. If you have any questions about these mortgage calculators or how we can help you secure the optimal home loan for your needs, then contact us today.

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