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One of our top priorities as a mortgage lender in Colorado Springs is to give back to our community. Partnering with a program like “Homes for Heroes” allows us to do that every day! Homes For Heroes is a community-oriented company that is dedicated to giving back to the service members of our country when it comes to home ownership.

Whether you are purchasing, or refinancing your home, there are huge savings available if you qualify for this program. Also, as an approved lender and partner with HFH, The Reichert Mortgage Team is offering to pay for your appraisal fee as a “Thank You” for your service! This can be up to a $750 value! To find out if you qualify, contact us today!

What Is Homes For Heroes?

Homes for Heroes began with one mission: to give back to those who serve our country. After 9/11, the founders of this program saw an opportunity to help both active and retired service members with home ownership, whether that meant purchasing, selling, or even refinancing. Today, the company has grown to include several real estate experts and approved lenders, like The Reichert Mortgage Team, who all are trained and qualified to help others receive the benefits.

Homes for Heroes

What Are The Benefits Of Homes For Heroes?

The benefits available will be different dependent on your unique situation, an example being the home loan program that you have selected. Often, the benefits will include discounts or fee coverage. On average, Homes for Heroes saves service members over $1,500 when they purchase homes! There also is no expiration on these benefits: you can be purchasing your third home, or be a first time home buyer, and you can still qualify for these savings opportunities.


Verified Homes for Heroes Lender in Colorado Springs

When you work with us at The Reichert Mortgage Team, we cover your appraisal fee—up to a $750 value—on top of all the other benefits that Homes for Heroes provides! If you aren’t sure what type of loan program is right for you, what you qualify for, or what benefits Homes for Heroes can offer you, contact us! Our team is both qualified and educated when it comes to this program, so we can answer any questions that you might have.

Homes for heroes mortgage lenders Colorado Springs
Who Qualifies For Homes For Heroes?

Homes for Heroes is not just for military, but for all servicemembers who give to our country. Active military, veterans, reservists, firefighters, law enforcement, healthcare workers, EMS workers, and teachers are all eligible for HFH.

You might be asking at this point, “What’s the catch?” That’s what is so great about this program. There is no catch. No hidden fees. No fine print. This program is here to simplify the home ownership process and give back to those who have done the same for our communities. Qualifying is the only step to receiving these benefits, and we can help you do that at Reichert Mortgage.

See If You Qualify!

If you’re interested in Homes for Heroes or a VA Home Loan in Colorado, contact us.  We can help determine if you qualify for the program, and what kind of benefits that we can offer you as a mortgage lender within this program. We offer Homes for Heroes savings for home loans, as well as mortgage re-financing. Contact us today to see if you qualify!

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